“The Walking Dead” Newcomer Pollyanna McIntosh Reveals Latest Shooting


Pollyanna Mcintosh as Jadis, in The Walking Dead. Source: ew.com


Who is this new riddle lady in the popular AMC’s “The Walking Dead” TV Show?

We traveled to the wastelands to track down Jadis – the new character that’s coming up in 2017.

It turns out her genuine name is Pollyanna McIntosh.

We’re happy to report that not at all like her character, she really talks in entire sentences!

Before we get to know Jadis and her group in TWD, let’s have a sneak peek of her hottest pictures.


Shooting with PB…God Bless America

Pollyanna intense look

A Natural Beauty

Badass Woman With a Crazy Look

She can do both…Fighter And Cutie

She Is The Boss

Pollyanna Elegant as Always

Another Shooting From Playboy….Pollyanna is Amazing

And a see-through!



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