The Trending SUPE app, Win or Fail?


Here are some reviews we collected for you:

Okay I downloaded Supe. Definitely observed a few tits. In any case, they removed the 5$ option. Now the Least expensive is $10.99. No real way to discover nasty young ladies. They ought to make more straightforward. I tend not to purchase if the blur is excessively dull. Vids are a joke. They vanish.

Dave K, Austin

Being able to see models totally bare sounds astounding. However, you rapidly understand that none of these girls are posting anything superior to anything what you see on Instagram or Snapchat. This whole program is a deception to benefit off degenerates that forsake all common sense. Basically, spare your cash fellas, since you will be to a great degree frustrated.

Frank B, Syracuse

At the point when well known young ladies on Instagram instructed you to download this application to get more restrictive substance … just realize that it will be a F*CKING trick.This application is a cheat. Try not to utilize it 🙂

Jafhii L, Los Angeles

So, for the moment, maybe SUPE isn’t so attractive. Let’s enjoy Snapchat and Instagram a little longer. Maybe SUPE will get better in time, who knows?

For now, Danerd team puts a FAIL tag on this one!