The Trending SUPE app, Win or Fail?


Supe App The so-called SUPE app is trending right now! Here at Danerd, we wondered ourselves, what about this app? Does it beat Snapchat or IG? Let’s take a few minutes to get an overview.

The main concept of Supe is:

Are you a Social Media SupeStar?
Make money from posting engaging content your followers want to see

We found out it’s not a miracle-app.

It looks like IG or snapchat and mostly share the same purpose: share contents you like and follow people you appreciate. But it is focused on stars, famous people, “influencers”, in a personal way. It ain’t so bad… But they introduced a coin concept in this app. Yep. No wonder why celebrities will tell you to join this awesome and trendy thing…

You will have the option to pay for tokens – or coins, and be kind of exclusive; you could then see naked pictures of your favorite stars or secret videos… This would allow you to see what others are broadcasting.

Now you know, this whole stuff doesn’t run for free, uh? We understand one could not find any real added value compared to other social apps… Let’s see what some recent users have to say.

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