Pornstar Mandy Muse Does The “KiKi Challenge”—But Wait ‘Til You See How It Ends!


Yes, This Really happened. Pornstar Mandy Muse Does the Keke Challenge —and the Internet is going crazy! 

Ah yes, The KeKe Challenge (also known as Kiki Challenge) … the insanely risky dance craze that took the Internet by storm this summer and has everyone and their brother blasting Drake’s “In My Feelings” from their moving vehicles to take part in the viral trend gripping the world.

It’s a challenge that’s gone global. Pornstar Mandy Muse is the latest star to attempt this challenge in public—and let’s just say hers isn’t quite like everyone else’s…



You know how some people conform, while others go against the grain only to become trendsetters?

That’s what Mandy Muse does here.

And we have to give her credit—this girl REALLY knows how to kick it up a notch and take it to the absolute EXTREME.

Holy shiz!


People are calling the dance a phenomenon, but we think what Mandy Muse does AFTER the Kiki Challenge is the REAL phenomena!

Some say Will Smith destroyed everyone the minute he busted some of his signature moves on top of Budapest’s legendary Chain Bridge to take part the Challenge (ok, so he risked death to the tune of Drizzy, biiig whoop!), but we have to disagree (no disrespect to the Fresh Prince!).

It’s quite obvious Mandy Muse is the REAL STAR here … all thanks to one of the best uploads to hit PornHub in a while.  

If you haven’t seen it yet, get ready.
And maybe grab some tissues. Trust us on this one.