Notable Arab Americans from banned muslim countries




  • Moustapha Akkad (Syrian), film producer and director
  • Michael Ansara (Syrian), actor
  • Shannon Elizabeth (Syrian father), actress
  • Hala Gorani (Syrian), CNN international news correspondent
  • Malek Jandali (Syrian), recording artist, composer and pianist
  • Wentworth Miller (part Syrian/Lebanese), actor
  • Vic Tayback (Syrian), actor


  • Rocco Baldelli (Syrian), professional baseball player with the Red Sox
  • Brandon Saad (Syrian), ice hockey winger playing for the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets

Writers and thinkers

  • Hala Gorani (Syrian), journalist and anchor of CNN’s International Desk; Levantine Cultural Center
  • Mona Simpson (Syrian father, Abdulfattah Jandali), novelist

Public figures and politicians

  • Justin Amash (Palestinian/Syrian), United States Congressman from Michigan
  • Victor G. Atiyeh (Syrian), former Governor of Oregon
  • Rosemary Barkett (Syrian), U.S. federal judge and the first woman Supreme Court Justice and Chief Justice for the state of Florida


  • Najeeb Halaby (Syrian), father of Queen Noor of Jordan Lisa Elhalabi; Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration; CEO and chairman of Pan Am
  • Steve Jobs (Syrian biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali), co-founder of Apple Inc.


  • Fawwaz T. Ulaby (Syrian), professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, former Vice President of Research for the University of Michigan