Narrowly avoiding death



More information on this video by AFdrft from Reddit

This is a Nurburgring tourist driving (TF) session – this means you follow a specific set of rules. No racing, all vehicles are road legal and a lot will be standard. One of the things you are supposed to do if you are involved in an accident is to warn other drivers of the upcoming hazard. There are no official marshals in a TF session. The intention is for you to head back down the track so other drivers have some time to react to the hazard.

What our man here is doing, is warning upcoming drivers of the accident he has just been involved in. He is doing the right thing. However – one of the most important things is to do this from the other side of the Armco so you’re still protected from oncoming vehicles. Dude is still a dumbass, but he’s actually trying to help and do the right thing, which is more than the average TF driver does.