Curviest Model Ever: Hunter Mcgrady In Body-Painting!


Hunter McGrady didn’t get her beginning as a curvy model.

She invested years eating less carbs to compel her body to remain below 120lbs… in spite of her 5’11” , since she thought there was zero chance she would do modeling at a higher weight.

For her, it is now a dream-come-true. “Beauty is not in numbers she said“. She posed naked for SI – in body-painting – because she wanted to tell women to be proud of their body no matter their weight.

Be ready, these pictures are breathtaking!


Body painting at it’s best


Like a fish in the ocean

Beach Bum

Dreamy Mermaid

The Taste of Her Beauty

For decades, supermodels were chosen on very particular specificites and the cult of beauty was being a size 0.

On the other hand, the average American woman is a size 12.

The society and social medias are now proving that you can be sexy and beautiful at any size; it doesn’t come from a number but rather a self-acceptance mind and the addition of the society being exposed to more size and shape.

With such beauty and sexiness, we can affirm that beauty is not a number and that confidence is key.

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