Economic Crisis: Cats Are Struggling


We all know, these are dark times.

Having an financial crisis hanging above us, we wanted to share touching testimonials from cats having economic issues.
Yes, those little animals are litteraly struggling everyday wandering streets and abandonned houses.
Some of them even felt into the nightmare of drugs, sex and violence



Need or Greed? I guess we’re not so different after all.

A cat is fiercly protecting it’s monetary gains while a stranger is attempting to steal it.


Bitch, what do you think you’re doing? Hissss, don’t you dare! I worked hard for that f*cking money

-Randy, a street cat


Hi, this is the new Cat Bank. DEPOSITS ONLY

A lonely cat collecting money


Catjit has coin, if you have wares…

-Catjit, a promising cat that felt into drugs lately

Please tell me you have good news.

Grumpy cat with a deck of cash.


Do you got the bling bling, brother? You got my money?

-Jasper, a wise cat that definitely seized the opportunity of controlling the catmint market

Stress and Paranoia: I can explain; it’s not what it seems!

A cat looks shocked: a neighbor has spotted him with heaps of cash.


I haven’t been selling drugs!

-Says Larry, a stressed yet smart local cat.

US Bank, Los Angeles: First cats trying to save money are coming in.

A cat is using the bank’s ATM.


Just making my DePawwsit! Leave me alone!

-Jim, a young cat that managed to do some savings lately (best of luck Jim!)